HR Master Data Authorizations (P_ORGIN / P_ORGINCON)


Transaction codes PA20 (Display HR Master Data) and PA30 (Maintain HR Master Data) are used to display/maintain HR master data. We saw during our post on HR Infotypes that infotype range 0000-0999 is for HR Master Data and Applicant Data (PA). The authorization objects P_ORGIN/P_ORGINCON are used for authorization checks for personal data and authorization checks are performed when HR infotypes are edited or read.

The below table shows the authorization fields in authorization objects P_ORGIN and P_ORGINCON:


We can see that authorization object P_ORGINCON consists of the same fields as P_ORGIN and expands to include one more field “PROFL”. We will discuss about this in more detail during our discussion on Context Solution for HR Master Data.