SAP RFC Maintenance contd..



In this post we have discussed some more points about SAP RFC maintenance. We have discussed about the “Logon & Security” tab of SM59. We have also discussed about the Trusted/Trusting relationships between SAP Systems¬†and about the Connection Test.


Here we will discuss about RFC ABAP Type 3. As we have already discussed earlier, RFC Calls can be of two types – Trusted RFC and Untrusted RFC.

In an Untrusted RFC, the source client needs to authenticate itself to the destination server using user credentials.


Before creating Trusted
RFC Destinations using SM59, it is important to build Trusted/Trusting relationships between SAP Systems. This must be built starting from the trusting system (server).

Once this Trusted/Trusting Relationship is configured, it can be used to create RFC Destinations.


No authentication is required in case of Trusted RFC as the destination server trusts the source client.


Once the RFC is created, a Connection Test needs to be done to Test the Connection using the Connection Test Button. Remote Logon Button can be used for remotely logging into SAP System.



 For more details on Trusted/Untrusted SAP RFC, please refer to this post.