Applicant Infotype Authorization (P_APPL)


This deals with authorization to display / maintain PA infotype for Applicant Data, i.e. it is related to recruitment. The infotype ranges from 4000-4999. Unlike the P_ORGIN and P_ORGINXX authorization objects, the check on P_APPL cannot be deactivated, i.e. there is no corresponding authorization main switch.


P_APPL fields
INFTY Infotype
SUBTY Subtype
AUTHC Authorization Level
PERSA Personnel Area
APGRP Applicant Group
APTYP Applicant Range
VDSK1 Organizational Key
RESRF Responsible Personnel Officer


The authorization fields – PERSA, APGRP, APTYP, VDSK1 and RESRF are filled from the infotype 0001 (Organizational Assignment). This infotype has time-dependent specifications, hence an authorization may only exist for certain time intervals depending on the user’s authorization.

A user’s period of responsibility is represented by all the time intervals for which he or she has P_APPL authorizations.