(Personnel Planning) PLOG


Authorization object PLOG is used for securing PD (Personnel development) data. As we discussed earlier, there are two types of infotypes – PA (Personnel Administration) and PP (Personnel Planning). PD data comes under Personnel Planning and hence it controls access of infotypes 1000-1999.

The PLOG authorization object contains the following fields:

Authorization Field Text
PLVAR Plan Version
OTYPE Object Type
INFOTYP Infotype
SUBTYP Subtype
ISTAT Planning Status
PPFCODE Function Code


Plan Version (PLVAR): The field PLVAR is used to determine the plan version to which the profile applies to. There are various planning stages in an organizational plan. The active plan version (01) is the current plan and other plan versions are considered as various planning stages.

Object Type (OTYPE): Specifies which object type the user is authorized to access.

Planning Status (ISTAT): Specifies the planning status in which the user is authorized to access.

Function Code (PPFCODE): Specifies the editing mode (change, display etc.) for which the user has authorization.