Basic elements in a company are as follows:

  • Organizational Units (O)
  • Jobs (C)
  • Positions (S)
  • Person (P)
  • Tasks (T)


Organizational Units (O) describe the company’s distinct business units. Multiple Org units with corresponding meaningful relationships form an organizational structure. E.g. A company will have various departments (HR department, Finance department etc) and each department having various business processes. E.g. HR department having sub-department like payroll, training etc..



Jobs (C): Example of jobs are consultant, accountant, salesperson etc. Job may be performed by more than one individual. E.g. There may be more than one accountants in a company.


Positions (S): Jobs are general classifications of positions existing within an organization. Each position represents one employee.


Tasks (T): Tasks are responsibilities that employees are required to perform.e.g answering a phone call. Tasks are used to describe jobs and positions. Tasks that the holder of a position must perform are done by creating relationship infotype records between individual tasks and a position. Infotype 1001 is used to define the relationship between various objects.


Org Management objects are linked to each other via some relationship to form a structure. The relationship can be bidirectional (Both ways) or unidirectional (One way).

Object Relationships


Relationship Type

Org Unit to Org Unit

 The sales department reports to the Executive board and the Executive board is the line supervisor of the sales department

 Both ways

Job to Position

 The job describes the position and the position is described by job

 Both ways

Position to Org Unit

 The position belongs to the Org Unit and the Org Unit incorporates the position

 Both ways

Cost Center to Org Unit

 The Cost Center is assigned to the Org Unit

 One way


Each relationship between various objects has a three digit key in combination with either an A (Child) or a B (Parent):


 Allowed Relationship  Relationship Direction  Relationship Key  Relationship Description
 Org (O) to Org (O)  A (Child)  002  Reports to
 Org (O) to Org (O)  B (Parent)  002  Is Line Supervisor of
 Position (S) to Org (O)  A (Child)  003  Belongs to
 Position (S) to Org (O)  B (Parent)  003  Incorporates
 Job (C) to Position (S)  A (Child)  007  Describes
 Job (C) to Position (S)  B (Parent)  007  Is Described by


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