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What are the steps to create a user in SAP?

Following are the steps to create user in SAP:


(1) Logon to the SAP system and execute transaction code SU01. (Path to SU01 via user menu : Tools -> Administration -> User Maintenance -> Users

(2) Give a username in “User” field and click create. In the next screen, there are various tabs like Address, Defaults, Parameters, Roles, Profiles etc.

(3) In the “Address” tab, fill the necessary fields (Last Name is mandatory).

(4) In the “Logon data” tab, select the “User Type” and fill “Initial Password” (Initial Password is mandatory in all cases except if the “User Type” selected is “Reference”.

(5) Similarly fill other information in rest of the tabs viz. “Defaults”, “Parameters”, “Systems”, “Roles”, “Profiles” etc.

(6) Now click on Save. User is created.

What are different types of users in SAP System?

Different user types are:

(1) Dialog
(2) Service
(3) System
(4) Communication
(5) Reference

What mandatory fields need to be filled while creating a user in SAP?

Last name is mandatory for creating any user type. Initial password needs to be given for all user types except “Reference users“.

Which table contains the list of developers (development users) including registered Developer access keys?

DEVACCESS table contains the list of developers and their developer access keys.



What does table TSTCP contain?

Table TSTCP contains information related to transactions which are parameterized transactions for a tables or views.


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